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Courthouse Research

Being a Researcher

There are many different types of documents filed at the courthouse and most are viewable by the public for free. Marketing companies nationwide use the public information to sell their services.  For those companies to be successful, they need reliable and dedicated people to research the specific document types that the marketing client needs.  That's where you come in as an Independent Contractor.

Researchers develop a passion for this part-time career as it offers flexibility, allowing them to balance time between family and work while earning supplemental income, and most important, being their own boss.  There are no upfront expenses; their time is the only investment required.

Must be a U.S. Citizen, strong organization and time management skills, attention to detail, proficient computer and spreadsheet use, sending emails with attachments, work independently without supervision, pass a typing test of 45 wpm with 90% accuracy, time management skills, able to sit or stand as needed for up to 4 hours, reliable transportation and meet deadlines for submitting researched data.  Researchers are Independent Contractors and are responsible for managing their own taxes and deductions.

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