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CORE Members Speak Out

I LOVE my job and CORE!   

I’m in my 5th year at this company and have seen a great growth.  Management is awesome at getting new clients which means that there is always work available.  Researching public documents at the courthouse is their primary focus; however, their expansion into other fields has ensured that I always have work with a flexible schedule.  Submitting researched data on time is critical and that’s why CORE continues to receive new clients often.  I am so thankful for this remote, work-from-home opportunity.  I love, love, love research and I love this job and company!     Michelle, Mechanicsburg PA

Great for College Students!

I needed a flexible part-time job that I could work around my class schedule.  CORE was the answer!  I spend a few hours each week, looking through various court documents to find information requested in the assignment.  I was told what the average volume of documents is per month for the assignment and when the ongoing assignment needed to be up to date for the clients.  The company does stress being on time with submissions and communication.  This is a very light-hearted company with caring managers that will help you be a successful researcher.  Kelly, Monterey IN

No more Customer Service jobs !

After working for 3 years doing customer service over the phone at my home, a friend told me about CORE.  As a researcher, I didn’t have to stay at home during certain hours.  I didn’t have to listen to clueless people on the phone.  I got a breath of fresh air when I started at CORE.  Court research is easy to learn and management is there to work with you if you to ensure you’re getting the most productivity during your research.  It was slow at firsts, but as I got more familiar, I got faster which meant I submitted more data each week and earned more money.  The pay isn’t great initially, but this is an entry-level position.  It’s fun, interesting and fits my dreams perfectly of having a more flexible schedule and being told what an Asset I am.  Erica, Riverside, CA

Working with my husband!

My husband and I retired early from our Government jobs and wanted to travel.  We looked for remote type of jobs, like data entry, but I found that I was the only one working and my husband would get bored and nag me to do something else, so that didn’t work out.  Then I saw a job ad for court research and data entry.  I didn’t know a thing about court research, but it sounded interesting.  I told the management at CORE that my husband and I wanted to travel and was there anything we could do together.  Management gave me a list of counties in my state and several in surrounding states.  I started with a local county to see if this is something my husband was willing to do with me.   Long story short, I now call him the data hog!  We both fell in love with the type of work, though he dove more into the research while I keyed the data LOL.  We were hooked.  We started making travel plans with our RV and I would present a list of areas we would be traveling to and when.  Management always seemed to find some work for us.  We wouldn’t get rich, but it gave us something to do and an incentive to start traveling.  We have met a lot of interesting people at the courthouses we’ve visited so far.  We are so thankful for this type of work.  Thank you CORE!    Michael and Brenda, Barberton, OH

People with Disabilities

I fear where I would be right now, if it wasn't for CORE.  I lost my ability to work in the mainstream work force due to a back injury.  I was devastated, not only was I no longer providing a 2nd income to my family, I also lost a lot of self-worth, not being able to provide what my family needed. I was at a loss for what to do with my days.  I wasn’t injured enough where I was incapacitated, just enough that I couldn’t do the things I used to do for any length of time.  I needed something to do to make me feel like a productive citizen and still meet my new lifestyle needs.  And then I found CORE.  It has been a life safer for me.  I started as a researcher and was able to fulfill my assignments because my time was my own, and I could split up my days as my limitations demanded, but still able to meet the deadlines.  I became a successful and profitable researcher, and because CORE promotes from within, I moved into Administrative duties, followed by an increase in pay - just doing what I already realized I loved to do.  6yrs later and I am happier today being a productive working member for my family, I get to fill my days with the things I love to do, work with a great team of people, and I get a steady income.  I’m glad I took a chance and filled out an application.  I received free resource material which helped me prepare and pass the Qualification research assignments.  YAY!   There was nothing to lose, but my time.  Dawn, Phoenix AZ 

Surviving Covid!

I am/was a waitress when COVID hit and my job ended.  Financially, my family couldn’t afford the loss of my income.  I applied at several “remote” jobs online, but didn’t hear back from any of them.  But I kept looking and found an ad about visiting courthouses.  Well, I knew courthouses were closed, so how could there be a job available.  I applied and within 1 week, I was onboard with CORE earning money again.  A lot of courts had loaded data to their websites temporarily while their doors were closed to the public which allowed this company to offer work to people like me during the desperate times.  The restaurant is open with restrictions now, so I still work part time visiting my local courthouses for CORE.  This supplemental income is easy to earn and very interesting.  I hope to be working at CORE for a long time.   Sara, Salt Lake City UT

Great Way to Make Money

I’ve worked at CORE for around half a year - it’s been a great way to make some money while remaining safe at home for all these months of COVID. The environment is relaxed and friendly while still being professional. There are also opportunities to pick up extra work for those that choose to, and clear instructions for every county CORE collects data from. Overall it’s been a really positive experience working at CORE.   Mara, Chicago IL

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